Win solid money at Lightening Roulette!

Lightning Roulette is an innovative roulette game with advanced features for players. On the official site 24 betting casino gamers are invited to try their luck in this game, which has a modernized format, based on the work of a special program — random number generator. Also in the model Lightening Roulette has elements of live roulette. But most importantly, the clients gambling club after passing 24betting registration will be pleasantly surprised by the innovations and will be able to pick up a winning strategy.

In its appearance, the online game is similar to the classic European roulette, but still differs in some chips. Development belongs to a well-known supplier of entertainment content Evolution Gaming.

The basic rules of the game

The key Lightning Roulette rules are described on the game page. Also in the section of the site India 24 betting can be found and the main characteristics of roulette:

But before you start playing Lightning Roulette India, every casino client should understand the concept of internal bets. In case they are selected, the gamer should put money on one segment, including zero.

lightning roulette lucky numbers

The other main features of this variation of betting should include:

When choosing bets in extreme Lightning Roulette, which are called «external», the gamer should know that he will be able to place winning bets on the following positions:

In accordance with the established rules, the player can always use a Lightning Roulette calculator to calculate the size of the potential winnings in case of a successful bet. In this case, it is important for the gamer to know that each betting option listed above has a fixed payout value. And the probability of winning will depend not only on the work of the GSC, but also on the attention and luck of the player himself, as well as his financial capabilities and the number of bets made.

What are the lucky numbers?

The gambling club 24 betting provides a comprehensive description of all the principles associated with this game on its website. The betting options and their limits in Lightning Roulette online are comparable to those in the traditional version of roulette. Every player is provided with an exclusive chance to augment their profits by using fortunate numbers. In order to do this, he has access to the following figures for multipliers: 50, 100, 200, 300, 400, and 500.

The underlying concept of augmenting one’s profits via fortuitous Lightning Roulette payouts is as follows: every participant occupying a seat at the gaming table is required to place a wager. Subsequently, the quantity of fortuitous numbers within the interval of 1 to 5 is established. During the subsequent phase, an active random number generator is responsible for generating winning multipliers and prizes. Each fortunate number should reward the player with one of the multiplier values ranging from 50 to 500. The primary requirement is that the ball must strike the cell with the designated fortunate number once the reel has come to a halt, and the player has placed their bet on that particular cell.

lightning roulette winning numbers

How to play Lightning Roulette to win?

In order to get consistent Lightning Roulette payouts, players must carefully consider one of the recommended techniques. Due to the reliance on the random number generator in the online game, it is not advisable to expect a 100% success rate while using strategies. However, it is still valuable to examine the most renowned strategies, like the Lightning Roulette 30 number strategy, that are extensively used by gamblers in comparable forms of amusement.

Bet on a single number

When choosing this tactic, players of Lightning Roulette must decide on a single number. If it turns out to be a winning number, then the gamer will be able to maximize his winnings. When this number turns out to be lucky, the size of the winnings will immediately increase several times. In this strategy remains only to count on your luck.

Password Tactics

Of the Lightning Roulette reviews and possible strategies, it is the «Passwords» that are the most favored. The tactic is the opposite of the Margintale system, in which players put the main emphasis on winning combinations rather than controlling and analyzing their losses. This scheme is based on the fact that the roulette table has winning and losing streaks. Therefore, gamers should activate when the former appear and reduce the number of bets on the latter.

Conclusion about Lightning Roulette

Individuals seeking a more stimulating alternative to traditional roulette may securely get the 24 betting app casino platform and choose for Lightning Roulette. The developer has included more chips into the model, enhancing both the probability of winning and its overall size. For each new game, players will have the option to place bets on one of five predetermined fortunate numbers, each with a set multiplier ranging from 50 to 500. A large payment signifies a favorable probability of winning. The vast selection of betting options provides 24 betting opportunity for participants with varying financial resources. However, it is important to note that straight bets in this context are rewarded at odds of 30, which differs from the 35 odds seen in European roulette.


Can I download Lightning Roulette demo play at the casino?

Unfortunately, no. To play Lightning Roulette, players must first complete 24betting registration on the gambling club's website and make their first deposit. After that it will remain to find the online game in the main menu, make a bet and start the roulette wheel. Paid version has its advantages, the main one is to get real winnings in case of victory.

Does Lightning Roulette online have advantages over the classic version?

It all depends on the preferences of players 24 betting casino. The main thing is that the probability of winning in Lightning Roulette online is much higher than in the European one, as it has a lucky numbers option. The feature allows you to bet on segments with numbers that may turn out to be lucky. In this case, the amount of winnings will be increased depending on the value of the odds.

What is the distinctive feature of Lightning Roulette?

According to the basic Lightning Roulette rules, every player who sits at the virtual table gets the opportunity to bet on a lucky number. Each of them has its own fixed coefficient. In case of a winning bet, its size is multiplied by the value of the multiplier. Therefore, the client of 24betting casino will be able to get a solid amount.

Is there a strategy that guarantees 100% winnings in Lightning Roulette?

No. The Lightning Roulette online game is based on a random number generator. Therefore, it is impossible to guess 100% of the outcome of the game, even if you use a proven strategy. After passing the 24betting registration it is worth thinking over every step you take to avoid losing all your money.