Get gold bars and win in Gold Bar roulette Evolution!

The famous provider of entertainment software in 24 betting casino released in 2022 the original game — Gold Bar roulette. From the first minutes of its appearance on the gambling arena, it won popularity. What is unique? Each player gets a chance to win bars of gold, the nominal value of which is x88. In case of victory, the size of the winnings increases by 10 thousand times the amount of the initial bet.

Gold roulette has an exquisite design, and attracts players with its design and original interface. Harmonious ratio of elements of luxury and excitement will conquer even the most demanding gamers. Provider in each of its development, including the golden roulette, pays special attention to the processing of all the details, so the player can feel like in a real gambling club. All transactions in the game are conducted in a heartwarming atmosphere surrounded by professional dealers.

Features Gold Bar roulette Evolution

The game is a standard European roulette, on the wheel of which there is one zero. This feature makes Gold Bar roulette unique.

The version has such bet types as:

The variety of options allows gamers to find the most profitable strategy of gameplay.

«Gold bars» option

After passing 24betting registration on the casino site and launching the game, you can choose the «gold bars» option. Thanks to this option, the online game has this name. After starting the wheel, the croupier announces the combination of numbers that are selected at random. They are the gold bars. When the player puts money on one of the listed numbers, then in his piggy bank will be credited bullion. It has a multiplier x88. That is, the size of the initial bet increases 88 times. According to Gold Bar roulette rules, ingots can be stored in the account for up to 180 days. This unique feature increases the chances of winning the main prize.

gold bar roulette strategy

Features of regular bets

All straight bets in Gold Bar roulette Evolution are paid on the principle of 19:1. It is this pattern of payment formation that is considered the main difference from European roulette. In the classic game, this format of bets is paid 35:1. To win money when choosing direct bets, it is also necessary to get a gold bar, which becomes even more interesting. Therefore, straight live betting along with bullion can bring solid winnings.

Additional options

When choosing to play on the 24 betting casino site, you should not forget about the additional features that make it much more interesting and profitable.

These include:

According to the basic Gold Bar roulette rules gamers can enjoy the classic roulette game only with higher chances of winning, thanks to the new «gold bars» feature. And the original and colorful design together with the selected music create a cozy atmosphere of excitement.

gold bar roulette evolution

Pros and cons

Gold Bar roulette boasts several advantages that increase the demand for it among the clients of 24 betting app casino:

Online casino 24 betting customers who choose the bullion game notice a decrease in the payout ratio to 97.1%. The value of the set RTP is explained by the fact that straight bets are paid out on the principle of 19:1. In addition, some gamblers are skeptical about the gold bullion option, as it works on the basis of a random number generator. The work of the program can lead to unpredictable results. Therefore, you should not immediately put all your money, as it can be transferred to the casino account.

Tips for beginners

To win and minimize losses, it is worth using not only Gold Bar roulette strategy, but also the recommendations of experienced players:

  1. It is worthwhile to carefully make straight bets and choose numbers when activating the «gold bars» option. The emphasis should be on those bets that can lead to getting «gold». Such tactics will allow you to multiply your winnings by 10000 times.
  2. Do not use all the bars on one bet. It is better to divide them into several times. This scheme will allow you to control your own bankroll and get a fascinating gaming experience.
  3. Do not forget about the additional functionality of Gold Bar roulette Evolution. It will help you gain experience and earn more money.

And the created entourage of the room where the game is played helps to create the appropriate atmosphere for roulette.


What is the gold bars option in the Gold Bar roulette game?

The gold bars feature is an additional feature in Gold Bar roulette. Its activation allows customers of 24betting casino to get from 1 to 20 bars per spin of the wheel. Each bar has a multiplier of x88, which increases the amount of the initial bet. At the end of the round, all these multipliers are summed up among themselves.

What do I need to know about Gold Bar roulette Evolution?

The popular Gold Bar roulette Evolution, which is available to India 24 betting casino customers, is a European roulette with classic rules. It is characterized by the option of gold bars, which have x88 odds that increase the winnings.

Are there any additional features in Gold roulette?

Yes, Gold roulette, which is available in the games catalog on the 24 betting website, has additional options such as auto mode, statistics and favorite bets. When selecting auto mode, players should only set the bet size and number of spins, while statistics will help analyze all the moves to find the right strategy. The last option will also allow you to choose the right bet at the right time.

What are the main features of Gold Bar roulette?

The game Gold Bar roulette has the following characteristics: the payout rate is 97.1%, for one round the player can win up to 500 euros, for one spin of the wheel can also get from 1 to 20 gold bars. At the same time, the multipliers of gold bars are summarized among themselves.