Dreamcatcher game — start the money wheel!

Dreamcatcher game is a game show that takes place in real time, where participants guess numbers. The main attribute is a money wheel with number sections of different colors. In addition, there are segments with multipliers that bring additional profits.

Dream catcher game is one of the most successful developments of Evolution Gaming, as it offers a lot of winning options, has stunning external characteristics and is able to fully enthrall in the gameplay. By the way, casino Betting 24 offers new users generous incentives for registration. Bonuses can be used to play or withdrawn after wagering.

Features Dreamcatcher game

This entertainment was developed specifically for gambling enthusiasts who are constantly in search of new sensations. All games are broadcast from studios located in Europe, in most cases these are countries such as Latvia and Riga.

The rooms where the Dreamcatcher game show takes place are decorated in a modern style and have high quality equipment, which allows them to offer participants uninterrupted communication during the live broadcast. The clarity of sound and image have an important role, so on such nuances the developers put a special emphasis. It is worth noting that the Dream catcher casino game is one of the most interesting variants of games with live dealers. The presenters interact with the audience qualitatively, enticing them with witty comments. As mentioned, Dream catcher game online is a product of the reputable developer Evolution Gaming, which creates exclusively licensed games. All the software is under the supervision of regulatory bodies, which makes it safe and guarantees the honesty of results.

An important feature of the Dreamcatcher game is that there are no losing sections on the wheel. Players simply have to predict on which segment they think the wheel will stop. The numbers to choose from on the playing field are 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 40. In case of a win, the bet will be matched to the number on which it was placed.

Most of all, players like it when the arrow stops on the bonus segment of 2x or 7x, as they bring quite large winnings. Plus, with 24betting registration, players will be offered a lot of prizes that will increase the budget considerably.

Dream catcher casino game

Shooting Dream catcher game

The video is filmed in an equipped studio with many cameras. This means that the result is a high quality product for live casino players. The successful synchronization of sound and light effects creates an excellent detailed picture.

At the beginning of each round of Dream catcher casino game, the host and the money wheel come into focus. During the rotation the dealer constantly monologues, reminding participants about the size of the winnings, conditions and other points. The host is constantly talking, trying to entertain the audience and be always in the center of attention. When the wheel begins to spin slowly, approaching the stop, the players and the host immediately turn their attention to the segments with numbers.

The moment the winning number is announced, light and sound effects appear in the studio to signal the celebration of the event and congratulate the winner.

The video is kept in HD, due to which a high quality image Dream catcher online game is achieved. However, players must have a good internet connection to view the broadcast.

Dreamcatcher game gameplay

Before starting the game, you need to make a bet. In front of the client are chips of different denominations. The task is to choose the necessary number of chips and bet on the right number of cards. If desired, you can live betting on it all at once. At the end of the betting period, the dealer informs and starts the wheel.

On the money wheel Dream catcher casino game is 54 segments with numbers and multipliers. The player must choose the number that he thinks will be the winning number and the pointer will stop on it at the end of the wheel rotation. After the wheel stops, the host announces the winning number. If the player’s prediction was successful - he gets a payout. If the sector with a multiplier, the wheel is restarted and the possible winnings are multiplied by the number indicated on the multiplier.

Dream catcher game interface

You can run Dream catcher casino game on any device. The most common are desktop PCs and laptops. However, the widespread use of smartphones has led to the fact that the young part of the players began to actively use mobile devices for gambling entertainment. In this regard, casinos began to offer installation programs, through which it is convenient to enter the game. In addition, there is an opportunity to go to Dream catcher game online through the browser.

The program works on iOS, and Android operating systems, which allows a wide audience to use the application and seamlessly enter the gambling game.

Dream catcher game tips

Strategy to win in Dream catcher game

First of all, it should be noted that there is no single Dream catcher game strategy that will provide a win for the user. All values on the wheel fall out randomly, so no one can predict the result of the drawing.

The higher the number, the more likely to lose, because there are fewer of them on the wheel. And vice versa - numbers of small values increase the chances of making a profit, because there are more segments. For example, orange and green sectors have high values and their number on the wheel is minimal. Consequently, there are few chances that it is on these sectors that the pointer will stop, although this fact is not excluded. Red segments and multipliers are even less on the wheel, so the probability of their falling out is even lower than the previous ones. This is the Dream catcher game strategy, which will slowly but surely get income.

The conclusion is simple - the more often the segments are repeated on the money wheel, the higher the probability of their falling out. It is worth noting that the amount of profit will be low. The fewer sectors on the wheel, the higher their value is estimated. If the game is not for profit, but pleasure, you can bet on segments with a small value.

Although Dream catcher online games are designed to attract fans of slot machines, there are no jackpots and bonus rounds. Fans of such options may be disappointed, but they are unlikely to be bored, because the show with live dealers is always an interesting action that keeps the dynamics throughout the game.

Where to play Dream catcher game online?

A large number of casinos that are present on the market offer games with live dealers. The presence of such entertainment on the site as the Dreamcatcher game makes it more diverse, so providers are trying to expand the range of software, adding all new games.

To choose a gambling platform should be approached responsibly. It is better to choose large sites that have been in the market for a long time and have a good reputation. For example, such as 24betting.

It is important to realize that in addition to profit in the game you can get a lot of bonuses that can multiply the budget and increase the chances of winning. Almost every casino encourages new players with a welcome bonus package. 24 Betting casino app is no exception. This serves as a great motivation, moreover, the money received on the account or freespins can be used to start your career in Dream catcher game and save personal funds.

Ways to deposit to your Dreamcatcher game account

Since India is considered one of the most gambling countries, casinos here offer a wide range of payment options for deposit and withdrawal.

To choose the appropriate method, you need to consider each of them separately

To deposit and withdraw funds for a Dream catcher game you need to choose the most optimal method for yourself. It is also worth considering the commission fees that are charged for money transfers. The size depends on the selected casino and payment system.


The Dreamcatcher game is an exciting show that is fully immersed in the gameplay and can bring profit to players. The lack of bonus rounds and growing jackpots can frustrate participants, but the high probability of getting a big win easily compensates for the lack of additional features.


What are the features of the Dreamcatcher game?

The main feature of the Dream catcher game is the dynamism of the process, high quality of shooting from different angles, the presence of a host and the opportunity to make a quick profit. All participants get a huge charge of excitement, as the tension remains until the wheel stops.

How to win in a Dream catcher casino game?

There are no strategies that can give a guarantee of winning. Everything depends on chance and no one can influence the result. However, in a Dreamcatcher game you can increase the chances of luck. If you bet on frequently repeated segments, you can increase the probability of winning.

Is there a jackpot in the Dream catcher game?

Unfortunately, in Dream catcher casino game jackpot, as well as bonus rounds - are not provided. However, the high probability of winning due to low-paying bets will allow small steps to get a good profit without major risk.

How to play in a Dream catcher game?

To start playing in a Dream catcher casino game you do not need to make special efforts and calculate steps. First you need to choose chips and make bets on the required number of cards. Then the host starts spinning the wheel, and once it is set, the winnings will be announced.