Bet on numbers — guess and get a cash reward!

Bet on numbers is an exciting lottery-style entertainment with a wide range of bets. The machine is filled with balls in the amount of 49 pieces. Six of them are retrieved, revealing the winning numbers. The game offers 36 betting options, so the player can choose several options at once for a single draw.

Such features bring variety to the game, making it more exciting when compared to similar amusements. Especially since users can play both on stationary PCs and on their mobile devices.

To start the gaming process, you need to pass casino Betting 24 registration, replenish your account and choose a suitable entertainment.

How to bet on numbers?

Bet on numbers at 24 Betting is one of the most popular games casino that are presented in this variant. The show takes place in a specially equipped hall, where the process is managed by a host.

Bet on numbers are broadcast live, around the clock, so any day a player can join and become a participant. There are no restrictions on the number of players. Operators in turn receive uninterrupted traffic of customers who bring profit. Among other things, a participant can use multiple tickets. Fast sending rounds - only 4-6 minutes, so players do not have to sit and wait long for the results.

Bet on numbers


The goal of the game is to pick the winning numbers. There are many different options that are bet on numbers. The presence of 49 different colored balls allows you to bet on colors, numbers and amounts of balls. It is possible to bet even during the technical pause period. The game display shows the start time of the game.

It is quite easy to use the functions. The most interesting thing is that the client can buy up to 20 tickets for one drawing. As soon as a win is recorded in the participant, he immediately receives it. Before the next draw, a supporting draw is held. The user can change the amount of bet on numbers until the timer expires, which will indicate that the break has begun.


Like other shows from major providers such as 24 Betting casino app, bet on numbers is broadcast live. The action takes place in equipped modern studios with quality lighting, sound and other technical elements that ensure excellent performance.

The video is filmed from different angles, so that the players can observe the entire course of the game. One of the cameras always focuses on the winning numbered balls. The lack of slow motion playback may be frustrating for some players, but they have access to a history view where they can see bet on numbers from the past period.


The high quality video and smooth gameplay that the developer provides allows you to have a good time playing the game without being distracted by faulty technicalities. A significant advantage is the fact that customers 24 betting casino can enter the game not only on desktop PCs, but also on mobile devices. The mobile interface assumes the use of touch function for bet on numbers. At first glance it may not seem quite convenient, but gradually you will be able to master the functionality and become a confident user.

What is the principle of choosing the best numbers to bet on roulette?

Most players in India 24 betting make bets and determine the best numbers to bet on roulette based on mathematical calculations. Various strategies can be found online that increase the chances of winning. Many users create their own strategies without being tied to any patterns.

There is a group of players who when choosing the best numbers to bet on roulette, clearly follow superstitions, rely on numerology and other such things, are bound to bring luck. It is believed that every person who begins to get seriously involved in gambling, begins to believe in various signs of fate.


Is there any limitation on the number of players to bet on numbers?

No, the number of participants can be any. The game has an endless stream of participants who can bet on numbers and get a good profit.

How to choose the best numbers to bet on roulette?

There is no single rule in this case. Each player chooses the best numbers to bet on roulette according to personal preferences, using his unique methodology. Someone applies mathematical calculations and strategies, someone likes to develop his own tactics. There are even those who turn to numerology to achieve their goal.

On what versions can you bet on numbers?

The entertainment is available on PC and mobile devices. Depending on personal preferences and lifestyle, players can bet on numbers in a suitable way. The mobile version is adapted to the device, so you can spend time playing the game in any convenient place.

How to bet on numbers?

First of all, you need to register and create a game profile. The main task of bet on numbers is to choose the winning numbers. The host of the show during the game reminds the players about the rules. As soon as the winnings are fixed - they are immediately transferred to the participant's account.